Study & Work in Canada

At SwC Services, we work with students, their families and consultants to ensure that students are placed in prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Canada.

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Study & Work in Canada

At SwC Services, we work with students, their families and consultants to ensure that students are placed in prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Canada.

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Welcome to SwC Services – Study Work in Canada

Applying for a visa requires careful planning and groundwork. It is important that you invest wisely on education and have a clear idea of the best possible options. To help you make an informed decision and a smart choice, our specialists are here to guide you through the Canadian immigration process for skilled workers, visitors, and students.

SwC Services is a professional service firm offering a variety of educational programs, student/work visas and residency paths for aspiring individuals in Canada. We have a full service immigration assistance program facilitating skilled workers, visitors, students, family class applicants and professionals. Moreover, we also extend our services to entrepreneurs, investors, and refugees, who wish to migrate to Canada seeking Permanent or Temporary Residency.

SwC Services works with prospective students, their families, skilled workers, and visitors making sure that they are rightly guided to getting their desired residency status in Canada. Our main goal is to transform the lives of people through their expertise, by giving guidance across the globe.

We at SwC Services understand the complexity of immigration related procedures due to the constantly evolving immigration laws. Thus, our targeted solutions will help you achieve your immigration goal faster. Moreover, we also offer services to immigrants to help assist them throughout their stay in Canada.

“Guidance, consultancy and targeted solution to facilitate your Canadian Immigration process.”

  • Step 1

    Starter Session

    A starter session is conducted to identify your career objectives and offer you with suitable options. The discussion session.....

  • Step 2

    Register with SwC Services

    After the initial consultation session, you will be required to register for our services for continuation of the process and.....

  • Step 3

    Apply to Desired Institutions or Visa Category

    We will start your application process right away. Our team of specialists will also help you edit and submit right documents to.....

  • Step 4

    Undertake Medicals

    You will be required to undertake necessary medicals based on the immigration.....

  • Step 5

    Arrange Funds and Pay Tuition fee

    You will be given guidelines into arranging the necessary funds, bank statements, records, and paying tuition fees in case of.....

  • Step 6

    Submit Visa Application

    Our experts will sit with you to make sure that you submit accurate and right information. This step is extremely critical and.....

  • Step 7

    Visa Outcome

    We will keep you updated as your visa application processes further. You will be informed with the visa outcome as soon as it.....

  • Step 8

    Travel, Arrival & Accommodation in Canada

    We will help you arrange transportation on arrival and private.....

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  • Temporary Residence in Canada

    Student visa: We facilitate students in getting admission in their dream Canadian university. From educational planning, visa.....

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  • Permanent Residence in Canada

    Skilled Worker: If you have the skills and passion to contribute to the Canadian economy, then our specialists at SwC Services.....

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  • International Student Services

    Educational Planning Choosing the right educational institution could be a daunting task. With so many institutes, courses and.....

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    Why Canada Is a Top Destination for Immigrants

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